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EEEKKKKKKKK!!!!! You're braver than I!!!!!...looks like fun, though....tee hee


What great adventures you had on the week-end! No wonder you were sore. The canyoning looks awesome, can't wait to hear about it.
Glad you got home safe and sound.


Wow Amy....you're one brave woman! I white water rafted in N.Z with my Dh to be (this was 10 years ago) and it was neat but your pics make my wee journey down the river look so mild!

Absolutely Tokyo!

Unbelievable! Just looking at the video and pictures gave me an adrenalin rush! These are the kinds of things you'll look back on someday and say, "wow! I did that!" I used to race a Porsche 911 in time trials in California years ago, and remember the first time I spun out. It scared the crap out of me, but once I stopped shaking I couldn't wait to go back and do it again! Although for me, I'd much rather be skidding around on dry land than bobbing between boulders and getting smacked in the face by whitewater! You're a brave gal, Amy!


This was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again. Although racing a Porsche sounds pretty fun too.

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